Conductor 4™
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Conductor 4™

Conductor 4 from Black Diamond Solutions is a BrightSign accessory designed specifically for merchandising applications that features both line level and headphone level output. It has 4 independent audio outputs and 2 audio inputs; button and rotary encoder inputs; and features customizable functionality. Pushbutton or proximity touch button control is also available as well as touch panel or rotary encoder control. Conductor 4 can also be integrated with a media player for content and volume control.

  • 4 Independent audio outputs
  • 2 Audio inputs
  • Button & Rotary Encoder inputs Controls other products
  • Customizable functionality
  • Built in Audio Player (Optional)



  • 4 audio outputs with 4 independently controlled amplifiers
  • Push Button, Proximity Touch Button, Touch Panel or Rotary Encoder control
  • Control of products via IR or Direct Control
  • Integrates with a media player for content and volume control
  • Smart autosensing Aux Input function
  • Designed for merchandising applications


  • 4 Analog audio outputs
  • 2 Audio inputs, 1 with Smart Aux Input
  • Up to 6 buttons with LED’s (4 input selectors,
    2 volume control or media player content selecting)
  • Up to 4 Rotary Encoders
  • Supports Touch Panel operation
  • 1 IR output, 1 control output
  • Power supply: 12V


Touch Screen

External Controller